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Dear Olga: A Cougar Is After My Man


Dear Olga: A Cougar Is After My Man

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Dear Olga,

I have had it! There is a wild animal that is driving me insane an old ‘Cougar’ who wants to sink her teeth into my 23 year old boyfriend.

I am not sure when this little game started. I just know that there is an older, wealthy and very attractive woman after my guy. She also happens to live in our complex and I work during the day and he works the night shift. So they are both home at the same time.

I am confident curvy girl but enough is enough. She has made it obvious that she wants him. She has spoken about it to some of our neighbors and practically licks him every time we run into her. He just blushes and feels so flattered that she is into him.

His boys come over to chill and they have all see her and they all talk fantasy talk about her.

I have asked him to stop that and that I don’t want her in our world at all. She comes over a lot during the day just to say hi and talk to him in the hallway. My next door neighbor was kind enough to share this with me.

The point here Olga is that my guy finds her very attractive and she really is a beautiful woman. I have started to feel so insecure and next to her I can’t stand next to her for sure.

This is the man I want to marry and I won’t give him up without a fight.



Dear Yamiled,

That is what I wanted to hear that you are not giving up without a fight. The nerve of that woman. You need to think long and hard at what you want to accomplish here.

First do not let her see that you don’t like her. Always make sure you give her that killer smile of yours and in your sweetest voice say a greeting. When you do run into her in the hallway or in the complex offer a smile and some private info of you and your guy. Let’s just say she is near the elevator waiting you smile and offer something like, oh finally some nice weather so glad Ronnie(example your guys name) invited me out to a picnic in the park. She wants conflict between you too and she is trying real hard on it too. By sharing this you are letting her know, that even though she is going for him you and him are doing just fine. Make up the stuff if you have to.

Second no more fights with your guy. This could actually pull him towards her more because she is offering everything in a good time and no lip. Here you are always arguing with him.

Third-spice up the game a bit. This cougar is pulling all the tricks out of her bag and so should you.

Invite your boyfriend out to the mall and take him lingerie shopping with you. You can wear a nice long coat with nothing but your undies on and go pay him a visit at his job. All of it counts in love & war. If all else fails we can start a global online group called girlfriends that want to get rid of the cougar and we can get her that way! Stay strong my beautiful friend and stop second guessing yourself for a woman that has lost her ‘season’ long ago.

This is your time now.

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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