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How To Get Everything You Want For Valentine’s Day


How To Get Everything You Want For Valentine’s Day

The solution is often the opposite of what is expected. The way to get what you want is to lay the groundwork by setting the example. Here’s how to do this with a process that can be applied to any situation in which you want something from your man, not just on Valentine’s Day.

1. First, don’t mention money or anything that’s very expensive – remember, he’s still reeling from Christmas.
2. Be creative and give him a Valentine’s Day gift that is thoughtful and homemade. Men love women who are economical.
3. If you have children, make sure they’re off with the babysitter or a relative – someone who doesn’t have special plans for Valentine’s Day. (We’ll help them later.)
4. Cook a special meal for him and have the house smelling good like it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving.
5. Have a hot bath for two after dessert, the kind where you sip on wine and have fruit and whipped cream by candlelight.
6. After the bath, move to the bedroom, where candles and hot oils should be waiting. Make sure you have sheets on the bed you don’t care about ruining, because it’s gonna get messy. This is the time to have fun with the hot oils – and bring the whipped cream while you’re at it. If you wanna get a little more freaky, take a trip to your local sex shop, pick out some toys, and bring those too. The rest is up to you.
7. The budget for the whole evening should be no more than $50 ($100 if you’re going to the sex shop).


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