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Women, Get Your Groove Back This Valentine’s Day


Women, Get Your Groove Back This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love and sex are on everyone’s mind. Maintaining a healthy sex life is key in committed relationships, but when libido suffers, doing so becomes increasingly difficult.  A low or lacking libido is one of the most common sexual complaints, but many women do not understand the causes, leaving them to suffer without finding a solution.

To help women improve their sexual health, ChicagoHealers.comPractitioner Dr. Marilyn Mitchell offers the following tips for women dealing with a low libido.

Get a CheckupSome undiagnosed health problems including hypo-thyroidism and depression can contribute to a low libido.

Discuss Current Medications with Your Doctor – Certain medications are known to diminish libido in women.

Make Time for Sex – Many women do not prioritize a healthy sex life over other daily concerns. Make an effort to change this by creating time to enjoy sexual experiences.

Embrace Your Own Beauty – Low self-esteem leads to a low libido. Ignore the unattainable portrayal of women by the media and love yourself the way you are.

Don’t Be Embarrassed – Discussing libido concerns with a healthcare professional is the first step in finding a personalized solution to a common problem.

Consider Hormonal Testing – This practice helps diagnose the causes of a low libido and suggests a remedy plan, including vitamin, herbal, or hormonal supplementation.

Try Biofeedback Therapy – This helps recognize responses to certain negative stimuli. Biofeedback is an important part of battling a low libido and as much as 70% of all sexual dysfunction issues can be resolved through this therapy.

“All women are unique,” notes Dr. Marilyn Mitchell. “What works for one woman’s libido may not work for her friends, so it is necessary that all women work with professionals to create an individualized libido-boosting strategy.”

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