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Dear Olga, I’m The Only ‘Curvy Girl’ in My Office


Dear Olga, I’m The Only ‘Curvy Girl’ in My Office

Dear Olga,

I cannot stand it at my job. I am the ‘only’ curvy girl in the office, maybe our whole floor. Where are all of my plus size sisters/co-workers at?? I hate having lunch around them so I eat by myself in the small kitchen pantry in my floor. I don’t do the lunch meet & gossip that all the other ladies get to enjoy.

I started eating with them at first but then all they did was eat salad and just talk about the dangers of gaining weight or getting fat. They would make the most nasty fat jokes and laugh at me not with me. It got bad when they got the men in our office involved.

This has been going on for almost two years. I have a good salary and I love my job just hate everyone i work with!

Just wanted to know what you would do in this situation. I live alone and I cannot quit this job. This job provides very well for me. Please provide me with some insight.



Dear Rianni,

I have looked at the picture you attached to me in your email and yes you are a big girl..but such a beautiful girl! I know some of those girls at the office don’t have one third of the pretty you got going on. Sweety, you think that all they noticed is your fat thighs..oh no darling..they have noticed that amazing clear skin you have on that gorgeous face. Do not let them put you in a go as you please and you belong in that cafeteria eating your lunch as you please.
Why are you hiding?? Never let them see you other words..shine.

If you love who you are and you don’t second guess yourself..why are you doing it now? Because of a bunch of bully, not so attractive thinner girls. That is not a good enough excuse for me.

They can stay in their ignorant world you have a life to live and you are a hard working woman making it happen with a career you love.

I would suggest you can go and report them to you job. But this would show them that they won. That you are being affected by their words and actions. Don’t you dare give them that idea. No. Just ignore them. You tried to be nice and the perfect co-worker well not its time for plan B. If they happen to pass by your desk and say hi, well you can return the greeting. But that is it. You don’t go out of your way to be pleasant to people that have made you the joke of the office. If one of the those nasty girls just happens to sneeze and you are the only one there..don’t waste your breath on that bless you. Keep it moving and show her that its not just her world.

Smile..don’t always wear ‘black’ put them curves of yours in some spring colors! And as far as the men go. They are probably going by the rumors those nasty office girls are saying. Say hello to them and let them see the real you.

In a few days hit me up and let me know how things are. Stay beautiful and curvy.Rianni.

Curvaciously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos

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