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Valentine’s Day Dinner Round-Up

Food and Dining

Valentine’s Day Dinner Round-Up, the site that houses everything food, has put together an assortment of Valentine’s Day fun for even the stingiest palate. From mouth-watering recipes to aphrodisiac foods there is something to make Valentine’s Day this year pleasurable for everyone. Below are some highlights:

  • Heart Shaped Food for Valentine’s Day– For one day, put some extra love into your food by shaping it into a heart.
  • An Indulgent Valentine’s Day Menu- Michael McCarty the restaurateur behind Michael’s Santa Monica andMichael’s New York, and author of “Welcome to Michael’s,”  shares an easy-to-make dinner that is sure to impress your date.
  • Valentine’s Day Aphrodisiac Foods– This Valentine’s Day, kick-start your senses with these eight foods that will fuel your libido, and turn up the heat in the kitchen.
  • Sweet Red Kiss – A sweet, red-tinted aperitif cocktail to kick off your Valentine’s Day dinner.
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