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What I Love About My Gabrielle Gown From Igigi!


What I Love About My Gabrielle Gown From Igigi!

I was invited to attend a New Year’s Eve Gala and although I was excited, I had nothing to wear.  The first company that came to mind was Igigi.  I’ve worn a few of their dresses before and knew that a gown designed by Yuliya Raquel would be perfect for such a festive occasion.

Upon reaching out to the women behind the brand that we’ve come to love and respect, I was instructed to pick any dress from them so I selected the Gabrielle Gown in Burgundy.   As I waited for my dress to arrive, I visited the website on a daily basis trying to figure out what accessories I would wear with such a lovely gown.

The picture does not do this gown justice.  I was stunned when I saw the crystal and beaded halter straps and I could not believe that I, a plus size woman was about to wear halter straps in this lifetime.  If you’re busty like I am, you may be aware of how frustrating it is to find a halter or tube style dress that you like and not have the joy of wearing it.

This gown is great for so many reasons:

  • It’s fully lined. The lining of this and all Igigi’s dresses confirms that you are getting a well constructed garment.
  • The fabric. It is heavy enough to wear in the winter but light enough to wear during other seasons of the year.
  • The length. The length worked for me and I am 5’3.  Once I put my heels on, the gown flowed beautifully.
  • The color. It is a rich deep burgundy hue.
  • Exposed shoulders. This feature allows you to show a little something but not too much

The moment I put this dress on I felt like royalty and thanks to Igigi and my wonderful Gabrielle Gown, I had the time of my life.

*Note* I am still waiting for my photos.  Unfortunately, I did not take my own photos.  As soon as they arrive I will post them.

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