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Meet Andrea: A Day In The Life Of A Venus Diva


Meet Andrea: A Day In The Life Of A Venus Diva

First of all a HUGE thanks for all of the letter submissions & images that YOU our readers/members have sent to our office. This is why we work so hard for you all to have the opportunity to celebrate you with the world..and share all the amazing qualities that makes you a true ‘Venus Diva’. So here we have our very new & hot column called ‘A DAY in the Life of a Venus Diva‘…..

Here we celebrate all of our curvy women, from the stay-at-home mom to the aspiring plus model or that Diva that is in ‘every’ curvy magazine!! Keep making your dreams come true….shine on and blind the world!!

New York Trip:

How you got here?

I have been modeling since the spring of 2007 in my hometown of Chicago, IL. I always had other obligations that kept me from putting in my 100% effort. I have heard so many times that “timing is everything.” I believe that idea, but I also believe that one should be prepared for when that appropriate time arrives. After over three years I decided that I was going to take the time and focus on being the best model possible. I researched, practiced, and networked in order to expand my talents and resources. After lots of practice, I gathered my information to submit to agencies. I submitted and received an invitation, from a very popular agency, to come to New York and meet with them. I immediately accepted, and began planning the long awaited trip.

Who did you mingle with?

In New York I mingled with some very talented women: Gwen DeVoe, Sharon Quinn, Tonya Giddens, Tara Taylor, Steffany Bready-Edwards, and Marijo Monteiro.

Who did you shoot with?

I was blessed to be able to shoot twice during my stay. My first shoot was with Tony Armstrong of Tony Armstrong Photography. We had a great time shooting on location in the Dumbo area. Although it was a little brisk out, we were able to have a successful shoot. The second shoot was with Damien Jackson. We worked together at his studio in Harlem.

Your excitement, goals, fears, new projects:

I was very anxious before I left for New York. I had checked out books from the public library about the attractions, transportation, and history of the city. I wanted to enjoy as much as I could. Once I checked in at the airport, there was no turning back. I was officially on my way. By the time I arrived, I was excited and exhausted.

The next day was very important in shaping my future. I would meet with the director of the agency. I arrived at my appointment punctual, calm, and dressed in my conservative but professional style. To say the least…everything went great! During the rest of my stay, I toured at Times Square, Ground Zero, Madison Square, Harlem, and the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I also was able to check out some of the night life and get an introduction to the New York social scene.

My goals are to have an awesome modeling career, travel throughout the world, and continue be a positive influence to others. I am entering into my new beginnings with courage, strength, confidence, and great expectations. I also will respect where I’ve come from and those who have and will help me along my way. There is no room for fear and failure is not an option. In regards to new projects, I anticipate becoming busy very soon!

When are you returning?

I am planning to return to New York in late March or April of 2011.

Any advice for new plus models?

Stay connected: Do your research, subscribe to magazines, connect with the Plus community.
Own your curves: Practice your poses, facial expressions, and learn your body
Believe in yourself: Don’t give up, be confident, courageous, and grow from your experiences.

Why do you love being a Venus Diva?

I love being a Venus Diva because I am unconditionally loved, respected, celebrated, supported, heard, and beautiful in all of my curves! Venus Diva Magazine reflects those attributes in the content provided for its readers.

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