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Anthony Anderson – Fame, Fortune & Life With Diabetes: February 2011

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Anthony Anderson – Fame, Fortune & Life With Diabetes: February 2011

Anthony Anderson
Fame, fortune and an advocate spokesperson for F.A.C.E. Diabetes…..

Life is all about the bigger and better things and why stop short. Daily Venus Diva proudly presents the brilliant, hilarious and handsome plus size actor…Anthony Anderson.

Anthony had some down time and graced us with this exclusive. He is doing the unselfish thing and working hard at spreading the word on of America’s silent killers.

He is one of many celebrities that represent F.A.C.E. Diabetes (Fearless African Americans Connected and Empowered).  F.A.C.E. Diabetes is an organization responsible for helping African Americans manage this life threatening disease.

What many don’t know is that Anthony has had diabetes for the last 8 years. Instead of being defeated, he has decided to fight back by eating better and working out. His dedication to a healthy lifestyle has resulted in him losing over 50 pounds and he feels much better.

When he isn’t making fans laugh and engaging audiences with his acting skills, Anthony feels at home in the kitchen.  One of his many passions is cooking and he enjoys using diabetic recipes. He even cooks an entire mouth watering spread for all the holidays which he shares with his lovely wife and two children.

Instead of focusing on his film and television resume’, this brief but informative interview focuses on a different side of Anthony, a healthier side……

What projects can we expect from you in 2011?

I got my own golf show, ’Golf in America’, and when I am not golfing you can find me in ‘Law & Order’ playing Detective Kevin Bernard. I am currently working on several movie projects and let’s not forget that Scream ‘4’ will be out this April.

You have reached success and continue to grow as an actor with each passing day. What advice can you offer for the young actors trying to make it into Hollywood?

Stay on it, stay strong on your path. Many will say no, and that’s okay cause all it takes is that one yes. After that it will all start happening. You can’t give up. Don’t compare your acting life with others. We all mature as actors on different times and levels. Go after your dreams with all you’ve got and then some, because success is waiting for YOU, just around the corner.

Anthony, I also have diabetes this illness rapidly grows in America. What is your message for a healthier lifestyle?

Moderation is the key word. I still eat a donut, I just take 2-3 bites and throw it away. I use to eat like three or more. I don’t deny myself the treat. I know that I am limited. Prevention is everything and it starts in the home. It runs strong in my family with my parents and knowing this should have made me change my eating habits years ago. I did change but it was only after I became a diabetic.

Anthony.. What a great time I had speaking with you. You had me laughing the entire interview. You are truly blessed..because you are a great guy, humble and simply unique.

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