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How Women Sabotage Their Relationships with Money

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How Women Sabotage Their Relationships with Money

With Valentine’s Day just a few short weeks away, now is an ideal time for many women to evaluate the relationships in their lives. Amongst the numerous relationships that women maintain, it is important not to forget about one’s relationship with their finances. Unhealthy financial habits often result from emotional conflict or unrest within an individual, and a deeper understanding of the reasons one spends money will help one to get in touch with what is most valuable to them. Practitioner and Certified Financial Planner Julie Casserly provides insight as to why women often sabotage one of the most important relationships in life:

  • Women put the needs of others before their own by purchasing un-necessary “just-because” items for a child or significant other.
  • Women tend to spend in order to “keep up with the Jones’” and rationalize expensive jewelry or luxury cars as purchases necessary to maintain status in their social circles.
  • Women convince themselves that a splurge purchase is a deserved special treat, but this may often come at the expense of the chance to fulfill a deeper and greater goal.
  • Women focus on what their critics say, creating a habit of ignoring their own desires and make purchases in order to feel accepted by a larger group.
  • Perhaps the biggest way women sabotage their finances is through ignoring their passions for the sake of taking care of the “necessities.”

Julie Casserly suggests that women take time out of their day to focus on what their most important needs are and develop a plan with steps towards fulfilling these needs.


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