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The Basics of Home Lighting

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The Basics of Home Lighting

Home lighting is perhaps the most essential element in interior home decoration. It plays a vital role in highlighting the mood and feeling of any room. Modern day lighting involves a wide array of recessed lighting, track lighting. There is an increasing trend of using led lights due to their long life and energy efficiency in household illumination. In order to attain the required effect for any room it is important to understand the four different types of home lighting:

1.General: Responsible for illuminating the whole room. It has become more popular these days to install a dimmer with the track and recessed lights as it not only allows you to adjust the brightness but also increase the life of the bulbs. Recessed lighting can provide a low-profile and dramatic illumination for every room of your house. These are embedded into the ceiling so there are no lampshades, dangling cords, switches or bulbs to interrupt your view. All the wiring, bulbs and fixtures are secreted inside the ceiling and is turned on by a wall switch. Track lighting is another alternative to traditional wired lamps. Most of these use exposed electric wiring hidden inside a plastic track. The track is wired directly into pre-existing circuits for power. After the track is intalled to the wall or ceiling then a separate lamp and socket assembly can be put into place anywhere on the track. The plates in the socket come in contact with the charged wiring, which activates the lightbulb.

2. Task: Required to provide enough light to do a specific task, e.g., cooking, reading, etc. It should be glare free and it should allow one to see things without straining or tiring the eyes. If example if you like reading or working in bed then you surely need task lighting. You may choose to have table lamps on each side of the bed which will allow one partner to read while the other sleeps. You may also want to install wall lights that will prevent you from having to reach too far to switch the light on or off.

3. Accent: It is a focused lighting used to illuminate a piece of art, architectural element or a sculpture in a room. It should be three times brighter than general lighting.

4. Natural: It is the light which comes through the windows and doors. It can vary in intensity and brightness depending on the time of the day, weather or season.


About the author: Amresh Mishra is an Interior Decoration expert, working as consultants with VGKlighting since years. His area of interest is lighting, recessed lighting, table lamps, track lighting, wall lights, led lights under cabinet lighting decoration.
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