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Carmakoma’s New S/S 2011 Collection Takes A Cinematic Stand


Carmakoma’s New S/S 2011 Collection Takes A Cinematic Stand

Size is a number – confidence a choice

The new video from Denmark designer, Carmakoma is a vivid illustration of the tendency that curvy women all over the world no longer will accept the perception that beauty equals skinny. In an aesthetical manner the film breaks with prejudice concerning body image and attitude for women in plus sizes.
The film is created as a visual collage of feelings, states of mind, actions and expressions in a celebration of the curvy woman. Through classical and iconic fashion frames in the characteristic Helmuth Newton style the curvy main character is portrayed as a modern Marilyn Monroe. – A pioneer who is not afraid to use her femininity in her stride forwards. Through an observing and sensual camera posture the film disturbs our perceptions of the beautiful woman and the ideal body and  plays on references from the film “the perfect human” by the Danish film maker Jørgen Leth. 

Curvy power

For years the fashion industry has had success dictating women’s self image and confidence. But as the group of young, curvy women has become more and stronger, even the fashion industry has had to revise its prejudiced conception of plus sized women as inhibited and ashamed of their looks. In a very short time hundreds of curvy communities, online blogs etc. have sprung up and have given the group of young, curvy women a stronger voice. They now demand less snobbery and more attention from the big fashion houses that have rejected selling their clothes in more than a size 14, because they do not want their clothes displayed on anything, but ultra skinny girls.
The outcry and the growing demand from a affluent market segment have already forced several great designers like Marc Jacobs and Chanel to incorporate plus sizes in the work. The same goes for fashion icon and trendsetter Karl Lagerfeld, who only last year referred to plus sized women as ”fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly.”
Remarks like this caused clamour in the curvy communities and lately the well-reputed fashion magazine Marie Claire succumbed to pressure to announce a public apology for its expresssions about plus sized people after being bombarded with more than 28,000 e-mails from angry readers.
Do we really need fashion to love ourselves?

Boost your carma is an answer to the style conscious women with a penchant for fashion. The woman in the film likes challenges and to explore herself. However, she finds calmness and strength from inside. All of these qualities makes her beauty radiate.
”But clothes help maintain a balance between the outer and inner expression. Fashion creates looks with different associations and notions of the personality behind the clothes. Your clothes can support a certain state of mind and a certain mood or atmosphere. That is probably why many women regardless of their size feel more in balance when their clothes reflect their identity and send personal signals to the surroundings. That is the purpose of fashion,” says Heidie Lykke and Angelica Weiss.
For years the two women have worked very passoinately to debunk the  twisted view on women that great parts of the advertising and fashion world has succeeded to build up. Together they stand behind the fashion company carmakoma that produces catwalk inspired designer wear for women in plus sizes. The main female character in the film is dressed in carmakomas designs.

View the film HERE

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