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Jumpstart January for an Organized Year

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Jumpstart January for an Organized Year

The joyful act of gift giving, setting up decorations, hosting out-of-town house guests all while juggling a full social calendar often becomes a source of stress during the holiday season.

The following principles can be applied to rebooting and reorganizing for a fresh start in the new year.

Holiday Decorations

Decide whether or not you’re going to keep your decorations. If there is storage room in your house, neatly label and pack them in a place that is accessible for next year.

Gifts and Cards

Put the gifts that you like to use and donate/return the ones you do not. Holiday greeting cards should be scanned and filed on your computer and throw away hard copy originals.

Household Items

Keep what you use, not what you think you’re going to use. Find a place for items that are carry-overs from last year (magazines, recipes, etc) and throw away things that serve no purpose in the New Year.


Have peace of mind that your calendar is a blank canvas for a new year, but pre-schedule time for recurring appointments (gym/workouts, doctor’s appointments, etc.) that carry-over from last year. Use an electronic calendar to keep your schedule digitally organized.


Prepare ahead for the change of seasons by sorting the items in your closet based on what you wear and what don’t. Start your New Year with a charitable donation.

About the author: Professional Consultant and Organizer Justin Klosky appropriately named his company O.C.D. Experience, an acronym standing for Organize and Create Discipline, Justin teaches that the backbone to every organizational system is discipline.
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