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Meet Monique Robinson: January 2011 Cover Model

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Meet Monique Robinson: January 2011 Cover Model

MoNique Robinson is a woman of many talents.  Hailing from Florida, this stunning beauty spends most of her time enhancing the lives of others.  She’s recently added plus size model to her resume and hasn’t looked back since.

In this interview get to know how she got her start, what brings her joy and what’s in store for her in the future.

What made you decide to start modeling?

Throughout my life I’ve had people come up to me and say you should be modeling and I never thought I could do it. Last year I decided to go my first model call, and it was a a really fun and a great experience.

Hearing people say “You should model” is one thing, but gaining the courage to do it is totally different. What made you decide to pursue it?

Yes it is, it was a lot to gain the courage to step up and do this. I met with Mrs. Linda Scott and spoke with her a few times after my first model call, and consulted with my mother about if I should or should not.

Linda is definitely a blessing. I’ve seen some of your photos and they are beautiful. Who or what inspires you during a photoshoot?

Thank you. During a photoshoot I think about different aspects of my life. It could be from my grandmother, to work, something I saw that day, or my favorite book  or music.  It’s usually something that makes me feel good inside, that brings good memories and positive vibes.

Speaking of photoshoots, how much does the fashion that you’re photographed in differ from your personal style?

Well, my first photoshoot, I was in a beautiful orange leopard dress and all i could think was I need this in my closet. It was so sophisticated, and that’s something that I look for in fashion personally. The second photoshoot I wore clothing that was a direct reflection of myself. Something comfortable stylish that’s reflects my personality.

So the photo that we’re using for the cover is your first ever photoshoot?

Yes it was I was so nervous. When I first saw the picture I had to ask is that me?

You’ve also modeled in multiple fashion shows. Is there a difference between runway and photoshoots for you?

Yes there is a difference for me. When it comes to a photo I think I’m more relaxed and aware of what’s going on. Where as doing runway I find myself concentrating more on what’s going on around me.

In this industry, many of us have day jobs. What is yours?

I currently work as a Case Manager at Covenant House in Florida. It’s a shelter for youth. I just recently switched from nights to days.

Wow, that sounds like a great career as well. How did you start doing that?

Well since college I’ve always worked and volunteered in social services or some aspect of it. When I was working on my Master’s I was looking for something that worked with my school and internship schedule and working at night there was a great help. But I’ve found that I enjoy my job and working with the youth, which is why I transferred to days to have more contact with the youh that we serve.  The youngest has been 12 that has come in but in those cases we try to find more suitable placement, up to the age 21.

When working with kids do you draw from your own experiences? If so is that helpful?

Yes in some cases I’ve come across someone that reminds me of my self or someone that I know. and I try to draw on those experienes. At times it can help better understand what they are feeling and going through. But some of the stories are just heartbreaking and you have to be as patient as possible. I feel that due to my training I can understand better, and listen to what they are saying to better help their needs.

I completely agree. Some of the situations that kids are in now are disturbing. It often makes me thankful that I had such a support system growing up.  So when you’re not modeling or changing lives, what else do you do?

I love to read, so in most cases that’s what people can find me doing or listening to music. I’m working on a non-profit with one of my friends which is leaning more towards a tutoring program. And I enjoy being round the people I love like family and friends as much as possible.

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet?

Yes, I have a few, they are ongoing from this past year.

Do you mind sharing what they are or is it a secret?

The first one is to continue to build a better realtionship with God, to be more physically fit. I’ve done a part of the job by losing weight and maintain it, but I have more work to do. Last is to work more toward being the person that I know I can be, and to continue to believe in myself.

Photo Credit:

Photographer: Creative Hysteria Studios

Dress Designer: Angel Myers of The Angel Alternative

Stylist: Linda Scott of LS1426 Inc.

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