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January 2011: New Year, Beautiful You!


January 2011: New Year, Beautiful You!

Each month the team tries to come up with a catchy theme that’s really engaging and January isn’t any different.  I played with a couple of themes…..New Year, New You; New Year, New Beautiful You and New Year, Beautiful You.  By now you know which one I selected but what you don’t know is the reason behind my selection.  The first two implies that there is something about you that needs to be changed and I completely disagree.  In my eyes you are perfect!

One could argue that no one is perfect and while they may be right, if there was a such thing as being perfect, each of you would fit that mold. With that being said, don’t change who you are unless you have a reason to make a change. I stress this because society tells us differently.  Society says loose weight, grow hair, do this and do that but what does society know.

According to “society” there’s something special about your curves and if you need proof just google {Plus Size Woman}.  Throughout 2010, we received so much coverage from modeling to business, all eyes were on us. I have a feeling that 2011 won’t be any different. So as I stated initially, the only thing that needs to change is the year because you my curvy diva are like fine wine.

As you embark on new territory I want to leave you with this:

Thriving in our Curves means……

  • Always having fun
  • Making the best of every situation
  • Putting our best Curves forward
  • Never apologizing for our curves
  • Taking care of our bodies, minds and souls
  • Being well informed of the world around us
  • Being Divas in everything we do


Stephanie Penn-Danforth & the Team

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