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Tips For Setting Realistic New Year Resolutions


Tips For Setting Realistic New Year Resolutions

With the New Year heading our way very soon, now is a great moment to make that change and write down your goals and what you want to achieve for 2011.

Here are five steps I recommend you take to make your New Year’s Resolution a great success for 2011.
Avoid  New Year quick fix Resolutions

As women we all have certain things we want to change.  Whatever it is, you should make it a long term commitment. Instead of making radical changes overnight, make small gradual changes.  
Choose a goal that has specific steps towards a positive action

Saying to yourself “I promise to lose weight, go to the gym more or even quit smoking” without taking the necessary steps does very little to help you achieve that goal. Figure out what is a realistic goal and stick with that goal. Setting clear goals and expectations will determine and define how you are going to reach  the end result and that will be a  positive outcome.
Find the true meaning of your resolution
Pledging to lose 20 pounds in an effort to improve your health when you have diabetes is motivation to stick with your goal. Finding a real meaning and focusing on your resolution gives you a realistic outlook on your goals.

 Maintaining Your Goals
“You have to be in it to win it”.  Avoid  setting a timeframe or an unrealistic time limit on yourself. These restrictions require you to be a different person than you are right now.
For example: You hate going to the gym and you must (depends on your schedule of course) get up by 6am to start the day because you have no other time to fit in going to the gym. Choose a later time in the evenings or even weekends. make this your goal to maintain that goals to get the results you want,but you must stick to the program  or else you will start right back where you started.
Make your goal a good one and not a perfect goal
We must admit that we have a tendency to create a perfect goal,but when it doesn’t go as planned  we want the results of those goals instantly. Yes it may sometimes happen,but when it does not ”our desperation mode kicks in” Find a goal to achieve, stick to that goal and the end results will be great as you look forward to the upcoming year.
 I  want to wish all the daily venus diva curvy readers and the daily venus diva staff a great, healthy and successful New Year for 2011.


About the Author: Marie S. Cothia Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Advocate hails from New York City and is proud of her curvy figure. She addresses the plus size community on current health related/lifestyle topics. Her goals are to bring self awareness and remind women to be healthy and have self healing internally in order to bring out the external beauty that is in every women. 
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