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Tips For Coping With The Holidays Blues


Tips For Coping With The Holidays Blues

Let’s face it, getting in the holiday spirit and having holiday cheer can be difficult especially if there is a loss of a loved one, loss of your job, strenuous financial circumstances, or an illness. Even during these festive times, the holidays can be stressful when you have a certain loss or sudden changes during the holiday season.

Having traditions, especially holiday traditions where the holidays is the focal point of special moments consists of people coming together to celebrate the holidays. For women, holidays represent a collection of memories that we love to share and cherish during our lifetime. Even though the holidays can be stressful at times, you can change that around and let it be a time for your spiritual inner healing.

People think somehow they should be happy all the time, but that is an unrealistic version of life. Life is a lot more than trying to be happy, we as women have a full range of emotions and life learning experiences that includes occasional sadness and grief. We have overall feelings of separation once in our lifetimes. We should allow ourselves to have and release these emotions. Believe it or not they will actually pass quickly if we refrain from keeping them internally (Which I feel is more damaged to yourself). You must allow yourself to open your heart to let the emotions out and to cry when you need to. You are human after all!

Don’t leave yourself out by not celebrating the holiday season because you don’t have your friends or immediate family members around. Thanks to technology, you can still reconnect with your loved ones easier than ever.

Wishing each other well during the holiday season is a great stress reliever and allows you to express your feelings during the holidays. Do something to reconnect and surround yourself with your loved ones. Do something to reconnect with your close friends as well. It doesn’t have to be a family member.  Having friends to help you celebrate the holiday season together is great to share your own holiday memories with each other. After all you are entitled to finding your joy and happiness again during the holiday season.

About the Author: Marie S. Cothia Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Advocate hails from New York City and is proud of her curvy figure. She addresses the plus size community on current health related/lifestyle topics. Her goals are to bring self awareness and remind women to be healthy and have self healing internally in order to bring out the external beauty that is in every women. 
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