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‘Dear Olga’- My Boyfriend Dumped Me Before Christmas


‘Dear Olga’- My Boyfriend Dumped Me Before Christmas

Dear Olga,
I am so upset and nothing anyone does seems to cheer me up. I invested a lot of time on my ex. I was even planning for us to go away for the holidays. He knew this, he saw me saving up and all. He dumped me two weeks ago. Just sent me a text and then changed his number.

He even had his ‘new’ girl come to my house to pick up his things. I never expected to be by myself this holiday. My parents never liked him and I guess now I can see why.

All this holiday cheer just sucks. I am not feeling any of it. My Christmas tree is still in the closet and I haven’t even gone shopping for my family & friends.

I am a real happy person but I have lost all hope. How do I begin to feel better enough to save this holiday for my family and those who really love me? I still love him so much and always will.

New York City


Dear Camille,
Darling you need to start doing your ‘December’ end of year spring cleaning. Out with the old garbage and in with the endless possibilities this 2011 can bring to you.

First let’s start by facing the fact that he is gone. Yes, you miss him and love him but I think you fell in with the man you wanted him to become and not the child he turned out to be. It is not your fault. Please let’s not play the blaming game and if you do the pointer finger goes straight to him.

There is plenty of time for you to grab some of this splendid holiday cheer and save ‘Christmas’. After all you waited all year for this. You need to stop for a second and validate all of your worth and once you do this you will start to miss him less and less.

Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Start window shopping for that sexy dress or pumps you want. The money you were saving for that trip, go ahead and make the trip or better yet splurge and buy something you have always wanted.

Please remove any pictures or items that may remind you of him.  I can tell you plenty and so can family & friends but you need to listen to your own voice and find that inner strength.

Girl let me know how it went. What you wore, who you celebrated it with. I am sending you some curvy diva love your way and hugs.

Curvaceously Yours,
Olga Gonzalez-Ramos
Lifestyle Editor

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