4 Ways To Stay Connected To Your Friends This Holiday

Many people are filled with stress, to-do lists and a booked calendar through the holidays and end up feeling a sense of dis-connectedness when the holiday decorations come down. Make sure that you’re not just busy, but engaging this holiday!

Shasta Nelson, the founder of GirlFriendCircles.com and a Life Coach for transitions identifies four ways to add meaningful connection to our holiday season.

1. Identify the People that Matter: It’s not just adding people into your life that makes a difference… it’s adding the right people into your life in the right ways! Who do you want surrounding you and making memories with you this season? Before you RSVP or invite, make a list of the people that matter to you and be intentional about making sure that they are scheduled first into the  limited dates of the holiday season.

2. Prioritize Tasks that Bond: This season, prioritize the tasks that connect you with others. For example, calling friends and sending out cards will heighten holiday meaningfulness more than simply hanging more decorations. Additionally, figure out which other tasks you can do WITH people to ensure that you’re connecting! (i.e. bake cookies with a friend, have a card making/signing night with wine and a few friends)

3. Maximize Events: Use the events you will already attend to maximize your connected-ness.  Maybe you already have your kids Christmas concert you have to attend, an office party that you need to show up for or a church function you want to support.  Who else will be at those events that you care about?  Call them ahead of time to see if you can meet for a drink beforehand, go out for ice cream as two families afterward or plan to sit with them and catch up for a bit during the intermission?

4. Share more than Update: Whether at the Thanksgiving table, a dinner party or at the lunch with a friend— be sure to share authentically (not in “Christmas letter” fashion where you simply update & brag) and intentionally ask what GirlFriendCircles calls “Sharing Questions.” Examples: What is your favorite aspect of the holiday season? What were a couple of the highlights of this last year for you? What are three things you want more of in your life in the new year?

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