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Meditation Techniques to Help you Relax During the Holiday Season


Meditation Techniques to Help you Relax During the Holiday Season

In today’s fast paced lifestyle and the holiday season upon us, it’s very easy to get or feel overwhelmed or “stressed out” as some would say. Finding spiritual or inner peace within ourselves is not as difficult as we would like to think. Today there are a number of options available to create our own sanctuary, harmony and spiritual healing that includes a positive balance for your body, mind and soul.

Here are the following benefits that meditation can provide for you:

1) Deep Inner Peace (which we all need)
2) It will improve your self-esteem, sleep cycle, physical and psychological health.
3) It releases the stress and the anxiety .
4)Last but not least which is the great part: slowing down the aging process.

With regular meditation practice it can lead to ongoing improvement in your physical and mental health which can have positive effects.  It can make you feel calm and centered. Meditation is not a quick fix, it is for long term use that you can develop your own inner peace and tranquility.

For new comers, you may go to a class at any community centers in your area or health centers that may given free to help you develop the correct way to meditate. Meditation books and websites are all helpful towards your goal to finding your inner tranquility.

For beginners here are five tips to guide when meditating:

  • Posture: make sure your lower back(spine) is upright with your head facing upwards. For example: To keep a straight back, just imagine your head is straight towards the sky.
  • Eyes: Do what’s makes you feel at ease, perhaps opening your eyes can make you feel more aware of your surroundings. Some find closing their eyes is more comforting.
  • Breathing: Inhaling and Exhaling slowly and is a great excercising technique while meditating or just breathing normally. you can start with ten repetitions of inhaling and exhaling while meditating.
  • Place:  Creating a special place where you can sit while meditating is essential. Placing special objects that are important to you such as flowers, a favorite picture will help you to mediating more at ease.
  • Finally, try finding enjoyment in meditating. You can start a little at a time with gradual progress, it will help you to find and get you into a daily habit of meditation. We as women tend to lose focus on what is primary which is our inner peace along with our physical well being. It is up to us to help find and maintain our inner peace as much as possible.
About the Author: Marie S. Cothia Healthcare Professional and Healthcare Advocate hails from New York City and is proud of her curvy figure. She addresses the plus size community on current health related/lifestyle topics. Her goals are to bring self awareness and remind women to be healthy and have self healing internally in order to bring out the external beauty that is in every women.  
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