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Be Creative While Eating Healthier During the Holidays

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Be Creative While Eating Healthier During the Holidays

Thanksgiving should be a time to reflect on all the wonderful things that you are thankful for.  I am so thankful for family, friends, many blessings, Daily Venus Diva (of course) and the chance to have decadent foods that I don’t normally have during the year.

Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of a month long celebration filled with festive holiday treats. Adding countless holiday parties, family gatherings and office potlucks to your calendar can gradually add unwanted inches to your waistline. Before you refuse the next invite, here are some suggestions on how to keep your curves in check during the holiday season.

Avoid mixed drinks when possible

Mixed drinks like daiquiris are typically full of sugar which is why they are so yummy! When ordering a drink at a bar or restaurant, ask what the ingredients are. Avoid drinks full of juices and sweet drink mixes. Try mixing any light or dark liquor with a diet soda for a nice zero carb alternative. Add a few cherries or have them serve it to you in a margarita glass to make it festive!

Bring a healthy dish to the next office party

Office potlucks are dangerous, especially if you have them every other week like we do in my office. Don’t feel obligated to try everything on the buffet table, be selective. Just take a sample your cube mates banana pudding so you won’t offend them! Bring a dish that is a healthier choice that everyone could enjoy. Most times your co-workers will appreciate eating a little lighter during work hours.

Volunteer to make a family favorite, then make it your own

I love my mama’s pound cake. They are always so rich and decadent. This year I am going to volunteer to make her signature pound cake and substitute a few ingredients. Now this is an old school recipe and I was leery about touching it for fear of being detected, you can’t get too much past mama! Here are some key components of her classic pound cake recipe and my healthier twist. I am confident she won’t know the difference.

1 pound of butter (1/2 pound of butter substitute like Smart Balance)
2 cups of sugar (2 cups of Splenda sugar blend sweetener)
8 eggs (Egg substitute)
3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for pan (Gluten Free-Flour)

With a little creativity, you don’t have to sacrifice all the food filled festivities this holiday season. Start now and you will be right on track to keep your New Year’s resolution for a healthier you in 2011!

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