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Health Initiative helps Women in Entertainment


Health Initiative helps Women in Entertainment

When we look at entertainers, we see them more as stars on a pedastal and less as regular people who are in need of the same care and support that the average person needs. We perceive them as having unlimited resources at their disposal. This is not always the case. Jobs are few and far between for most entertainment professionals, just like any other contracted worker in the US today. Health insurance is not an option in most cases.

The Actors Fund was founded in 1883 to address the needs of all entertainment professionals. The fund offers quality services for and individual attention to the entertainment community, a responsive place to turn in times of need or crisis.This incredible non profit offers assistance in connecting those to a wide range of support such in the areas of health care, job training and even housing assistance. They service all that responds with the confidentiality that is so needed in our current TMZ age of reporting.

One of the programs offered by the Actor’s fund is geared toward assisting the needs of women in entertainment. The Phyllis Newman Health Initiative (PNWHI) was founded in 1995 by Actress Phyllis Newman. Since then Newman has hosted the annual Nothing Like a Dame galas, which has raised more than $3.5 million and has served 2,500 women in the entertainment industry.  PNWHI now has a host of social workers that help women negotiate the steps that follow a serious medical diagnosis. Through intensive case management, access to individual counseling, support groups, educational seminars, linkage to community supports and short-term financial assistance, the social workers help women receive the nurturing support that they need.

As the founder of the The Fuller Woman Network this is what I envisioned for the network;  connecting plus size women to real options for assistance in all areas that effect them. We need more initiatives like this. There really isn’t a price tag you can place on a genuine connection with another. More impactful is the support given from someone who can relate to your situation and can offer assistance from your perspective.

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