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Dear Olga, I Dated My Friends Man


Dear Olga, I Dated My Friends Man

Dear Olga,

I have a longtime dear friend that I lost touch with and recently reconnected with.  She is the closest thing to a sister that I have. She invited me over to her place for a party and I met her boy-friend. The only problem is I dated him a while back. I still don’t understand how we both dated him when he is from out of town. I guess it is a small world after all.

He hasn’t told her and I haven’t told her and we should tell her. After that party he called me and he was even flirting with me. He left me and moved on, I didn‘t. I still sort of crush for him. But he is totally into her. He told me he wants to marry her.

I haven’t called her in a long time. I don’ t know if I should just stay away or tell her the truth. Please, talk to me on this.



Hi TX,

Girl, how in the world did this happen? Okay, let’s focus here. Friendship is sacred especially if you have years of being close. But you did mention that you and her weren’t talking for a long time. People change, friends sad to admit grow apart and that is life for you. I am happy you found her again and yes you better tell her you and him dated.

He sounds like a class ‘A’ jerk to me and you should be grateful that he is out of your life. If she is smart she will stay away from him. Sweety, come clean and let her know. You don’t have to give her any details that will make you uncomfortable.  Just that you dated, you cared for him and he broke your heart.

If she still chooses to date him or even worse marry the fellow then it’s on her. Don’t be surprised if you aren’t invited to the wedding. This is a touchy subject. You have done all you can here and stay away from him. He is your forbidden fruit.

Focus on going out with other friends and meeting Mr. Right. I am wishing you all the best and sending you a much needed hug.

Curvaciously Yours,

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