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Cleaning Out Your Cell Phone


Cleaning Out Your Cell Phone

We no longer need pens. We could be walking the streets, bump into a friend and swap numbers while holding our cell phones in our hands all in less than three seconds. It is no surprise with all this technology and texting that our phones don’t blow up from our long contact list.

These numbers can start piling up real fast, sucking up your memory. You decide it’s time to clean up this mess of strange numbers and forgotten people. Who will you cut off this list? Who are you keeping on your top five?

Don’t keep a number from an old friend or ex that you plan on calling one day but you never get around to it. If you haven’t called them all this time then you just don’t need to reach out to them.

And why are you keeping your ex-man’s number. That fool, he needs to be deleted. ASAP. No he doesn’t miss you, not after he walked out away from you five years ago. You are a beautiful, curvy Diva that has moved on or is at least on your way.

And how many Joe’s can you have without a last name? You haven’t spoken to any Joe in the longest time. Your cell phone list should be for those closest to you, family, friends, and co-workers.

Do not be quick to give out your mobile number. Give out your email instead. Get to know the person and once you are comfortable then and only then should you share you number.

Your top five or the people on memory dial should be your family, a co-worker for job emergency, BFF and your man. Not some cute guy you met who you called, left messages but just won’t return your calls. Cut him loose. He had his chance., messed up so now it’s NEXT.

So get to it, have fun and once you are done with that. You can then work on deleting all of those crazy images you have in your cell phone.

Will this ever end…

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