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Marie Claire Editors Are At Fault For Posting Offensive Article


Marie Claire Editors Are At Fault For Posting Offensive Article

Since October 25th, I’ve sat back and watched the world (online media and television media) give Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly a piece of their mind and I am proud of the way we are rallying together in an effort to have our voices heard as a direct result of being unfairly targeted.  After reading Should “Fatties” Get a Room? (Even on TV?), it’s obvious that Maura Kelly has serious problems with anyone who does not act, look or live the way she does.  In the article she calls out more than just “fatties”.  She takes a jab at those who are anorexic, drunks, plus size actors and actresses, substance abusers and millions of readers who may have their own set of circumstances.

Maura Kelly is a blogger and after discussing the differences between bloggers and journalists with many writers, the mindset of a blogger (while different at times) should never be offensive especially when speaking on behalf of a national publication such as Marie Claire.

With that in mind……..

I’m not mad at Maura Kelly for feeling the way that she does. Do I like her opinion? NO! Am I appalled that she had the nerve to submit this article to an editor to be posted on a website that houses a column titled, “Big Girl In A Skinny World”? YES! But unfortunately Marie Claire has placed a great deal of faith in this writer and her opinion.

I am disappointed in the editor who published it.  As an editor myself, I am sent articles that may not be appropriate for my readers and it is MY JOB to protect them from the views of others that may be viewed as hurtful, insensitive or just plan mean.

I would like to share with you some of the comments that readers posted on after reading the article in question:

When I was molested from the ages of 7-10 and I turned to food as the only drug available to me then, as a small child, I didn’t realize there would be vile people like you who cannot stand the unbearable sight of someone like me and would judge me for being overweight.

With the world as crazy as it is you question affection between two people. Which is clearly its base form. What does it matter if they are overweight, underweight, white, brown, etc.? Your remarks are from the beginning meant to degrate people and is not in anyway flattering to your character.

Maura Kelly’s article made me cry. Not because she was hurting my feelings personally but that people don’t understand feeling that way is a form of bigotry / hate.

I wonder if the one who thought they had freedom of speech on this article thought about the legal ramifications. I think this falls under discrimination and slander of character which are now considered by law to be hate crimes and are punishable by time served.

I simply cannot fathom that someone who has fought her own battles with any type of eating disorder can be so glib and callous about dealing with any weight or food issue. There will be many people here who will never forgive you.

Whether you’re a blogger or a journalist, it is your job to be truthful.  When your words of truth become words of hate and hurt then it may be time to discover a new career path.

After reading Kelly’s blog post, I’m more convinced now than ever that websites like fills a void that other publications refuse to fill.  We are a plus size website/publication with plus size writers serving the plus size community and we are proud to discuss topics that are relevant to you.

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