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7th Annual International Design Conference heads to Detroit, MI


7th Annual International Design Conference heads to Detroit, MI

You’re a designer with tremendous talent. You know that your designs are better than anyone else but you don’t know how to get to the next level?

How did the creative minds behind such brands as Nike, Reebok and Hallmark set themselves apart from the rest of the world?

Since 1994, David Rice, founder of the Organization of Black Designers, has made it his mission to connect design professionals to resources that assist in taking their product to a global market. This years design conference themed “Design 2 Play” will be held in Detroit for the first time October 28-October 31.

I had the pleasure of hearing David speak recently as he led a panel discussion sponsored by Open City whose theme was “designing a differentiating business environment and identity that which reflects your values, your products and your concept”.    I heard him speak passionately about why it is important to support the creative process, the importance of personal branding and why he felt it was necessary to bring the conference to Michigan.  He also mentioned that Michigan is known as being the present and legendary home of some of the world’s greatest design assets; from the automotive design studios to world renown design schools.

Beginning October 28 and ending October 31, The Design 2 Play Conference will feature the world’s top designers and manufacturers of sports and recreational products, games, equipment, vehicles and apparel. Companies like Nike, Oakley, JetSki, Reebok, and a host of other manufacturers from the entire spectrum of the sports and recreational industry will be in attendance. The conference will also explore visual marketing, advertising, promotion and packaging essentials to help you take your business to new heights.

I was extended an opportunity to invite a local plus size apparel designer to the conference this weekend so that we can be exposed to this global design conversation. I am really excited about the opportunity.

For more information about the Design 2 Play conference, please visit

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