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Celebrate The Day Of the Dead This Halloween

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Celebrate The Day Of the Dead This Halloween

Over 3,000 years ago the Day of the Dead celebrations began in Mexico celebrating the departed souls return to earth. Fast forward to 2010, the holiday is celebrated not only in Mexico but allover the world including the United States and Canada.

A huge part of the Day of the Dead celebrations are the “ofrendas” that are created for the deceased souls; ofrendas are decorated areas that are constructed in homes and cemeteries across the world that display offerings to departed loved ones. Tequila is always a major staple at the ofrendas. More specifically, DOBEL Tequila lends itself to this cultural element.

On November 1st and 2nd celebrate the Day of the Dead celebration in addition to these traditional offerings:

  • Sangrita: A traditional holiday drink made with lime and pomegranate juices, Seville orange, and chile powder/hot sauce are added for spiciness. The drink is sipped alternatively with DOBEL tequila to cleanse the pallet.
  • Flowers: Marigolds called “cempasuchit,” are best known in Mexico as the Flower of the Dead and are commonly used in celebrating the holiday.
  • Food: Mexicans place fruits, tamales, mole, Sugar skulls and traditional bread known as “pan de muertos” on the altar, as well as other foods the person enjoyed during life.
  • Votive Candles: Candles are lit to guide dead family members and are placed on the top level of alters to represent the cardinal directions. White candles representing hope and faith, purple pain, and pink celebration, should burn during the night so that there is no darkness.
  • Incense: As a custom, burning copal incense clears the room of all negative energy including bad spirits. The incense help the deceased find their way to the altar.
  • Photos and Statues: Photos of the beloved family member sit atop the alter along with statues of the Virgin of Guadalupe and patron saints.
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