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Are Our Children Out Of Control With ‘Texting’??? YES!!


Are Our Children Out Of Control With ‘Texting’??? YES!!

Texting is a very convenient way of communicating for us adults. But our children have become obsessed with texting and they live and breathe thru text messaging.

They aren’t paying that much attention during class, too busy texting. It is beginning to show in their grades and everyone in the class does it. That is the latest trend for young America. If you don’t have a state of the art techie phone to text in you might as well drop off the face of the earth. No one will know you are there. There pressure on these kids is heavy.

They text on the school bus, during dinner, basically 24/7. But we can’t put all the blame on them. We are the parents, the guardians that have the last word.

Once they come from school take the phone away until homework is done, give them extra time to study and enjoy a dinner while they focus on family time. Ask them about their day and don’t let them become ‘texting’ zombies.

Once the chores are done return the phone and give them a good hour or two with it. Take it again before they go to bed. You would be surprised how late they can stay texting, with the lights off pretending to be asleep.

Also let’s not forget for our teenagers that are driving please remind them and do this strongly not to ever text while driving this is becoming a very bad habit with life threatening results.

Come on we were young once and I know I would have been a text slave back then too if I had that technology. Let’s be sympathetic to them but let’s provide them with proper guidelines and plenty of restrictions. The balance is there to be found.

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