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Become Friends With Your Child’s Teacher


Become Friends With Your Child’s Teacher

Personally, I enjoy planning ahead, it leaves less room for unwelcome surprises.  Details are very important to me in every aspect in my life.

Your child’s teacher becomes like second in command when you are not around.  She/He is with your child all day, sometimes even over 7 hours. A bond is there ready to grow and nurture your child. You of course want the best for your child; a teacher that is fun, friendly and very understanding.

Have you thought of how hard the teacher has it? She has got to become a friend to every child in her classroom and most classes have 20+ students. This is not an easy task. Help her at least with the relationship of your child.

Make her feel welcomed. I like to bring a goodie bag for all of the teachers of my children. In this goodie bag I include supplies that she will be using throughout the year. For example, a box of tissues, wipes, paper towels, Ziploc bags, a spray can of Lysol, etc. If this is something you would like to do but do not want to use house products you can also go to any dollar store and grab a couple of random colors of gloves, scarves and hats. She can place them in her room and when it gets colder out I am sure some of the students will forget theirs and she can loan them the extras you supplied her with.

Communication is the key word here, swap emails. If your child is not feeling well and we know how sometimes our kids are just cranky for no reasons send her an email let her know you noticed the behavior and give her a heads up. She can make a smooth day for him or her based on the information you just related to her.

Volunteer to chaperone a trip or two. These field trips are really plenty of fun. If you are satisfied with her teaching skills be generous by complimenting her perhaps to the principal and sharing how great of a teacher she is. Everyone enjoys the feeling of appreciation.  Become each other’s support system because you both have someone very important in your lives that need this partnership, your child.

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