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Breastfeeding While Working Does Mix


Breastfeeding While Working Does Mix

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I recently encountered a young woman who was having her second baby and was stressing over how she could breastfeed and work. I’m a research nut so I subscribed to everything baby related and information about the subject to share with her.

When it’s time to return to work you can start to bottlefeed the baby breast milk. You may want to introduce bottles before returning to work so that the baby gets used to them. Some people say don’t do this too soon at the risk of nipple confusion but this can be debatable depending on who you talk to.

The biggest piece of information that I’ve heard but didn’t know is regarding the question of how do you breastfeed during work hours and where? My suggestion is to buy a pump, manual or electric, double or single….that’s the first step.

Where To Breastfeed?

Come to find out all jobs must provide you with some place (other than a bathroom) to do the deed.  It may be an empty conference room or some other designated area. It’s an actual law so look it up ladies! So not only do they give you time but they also give you a place. I remember 1 job where a co-worker used to do it in the bathroom. I’m sure she didn’t know how to ask or who to ask for better accomodations because let’s face it, it takes at least a good 15 minutes for a session.

Who To Ask?

Be sure to ask the right person at your job about it though. Your manager may not know especially if he’s male. Since it’s more of a private issue I suggest asking HR. You may even ask Security since it’s about a special area that everyone won’t have access to. At my last job I asked my trainer. She looked at me crazy and said no. So for 2 days I couldn’t do a thing. But I knew within my gut the information I received had been right. So I set out to find one of the HR people who visited our class. Sure enough they showed me where the room was and told me that Security had to let me in. On my way to the cafeteria I saw the sign next to a door that said “Mother’s Room”. All I had to do was get Security to put the access to it on my badge and it’s all mine. The door has a vacant/occupied switch for you to change and inside the room is a nice comfy chair, a sink, and a refrigerator.

So don’t fret if no one seems to know…just go to the right source (HR or Security) and they’ll show you the way. It may not be a specially designed room but you’ll have something because it’s important that we keep our production up, especially for exclusively breastfed babies.

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