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Why Do You Always Bring Her Up?


Why Do You Always Bring Her Up?

Ladies…let’s get it right from the start. You have found a real sexy guy, funny, sweet and he is so into YOU. The dates are becoming longer, filled with romance and you are even sleeping over his place. It’s official to announce that the ‘Spooning’ has begun.


There isn’t a day that he doesn’t bring HER up. You know the beautiful and perfect ex-girlfriend that destroyed his heart, ripped it right out, tossed it on the grill, sat there and then ate it, leaving nothing behind. Yes he is hurting and has to vent. It is a good thing he is communicating.

What happens when this communication becomes a constant nag a sense of harrassment?? She is out of the picture, she left him broken up and here you come seeing potential in this man and you are willing to make it work. Stop it quick and fast. Let him know that you do care about his hurt feelings but you don’t care to hear her name all the time and hear what she did or did not do to him.

This is YOUR time as a couple, to learn and grow together. Bringing up the past is not going to help you in your future. When you speak of this to him, choose the right time. Give him direct eye contact begin by sharing just how lucky you are to have found him, how amazing he is to you and speak from the heart. He will see your love and this will build up his confidence. Let him know you are not her or ever care to be her.

Sure you will have your ups and downs but make sure you let him know that communication will always be your thing. You want to become his best-friend too not just his lover or booty call.

Be patient, some women are just brutal and you are stuck picking up her mess and putting it back together.  Remember that someone’s old and used item that is put out to trash, can be polished and turn into your treasure.

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