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‘Dear Olga’ , My Roomate is a Skinny Minnie Hating on my Curves


‘Dear Olga’ , My Roomate is a Skinny Minnie Hating on my Curves

Dear Olga,
This is my second year in college and just when I was getting things situated here comes a roomy from hell. She wears a size 2 and I wear a size 12( I am a very fit and healthy 12). I am tall and I hit the gym and I rule in tennis. Yet every word out of her mouth towards me is negative. When we are alone she just ignores me which I don’t mind. When her pals are over our place or we meet up in the cafe or in a class she uses me as the main joke. Now she got others from her group with the fat jokes and I am just tired of it. I have asked her to stop and she just ignores me. When I go food shopping she will go and throw my snacks away when I am not around. I am too busy with school and my part-time job to bother with this but I live with her and its constantly in my face. Hope to hear from you soon and take care.

Rhode Island

Dear Angelise,
Love to see a curvy diva doing her thing to stay healthy by playing tennis and staying active. All the more to be extra proud of your curves. The problem here is her, not YOU! I truly believe the fact that you are confident ,sexy and comfortable in your own skin really gets her boiling. You have found the balance to eat the snacks and then go and work it out and your joy shows. Maybe she is so cranky because she doesn’t allow herself to eat a bag of chips without the guilt trip which just sounds sick to me. She wants the attention away from her and directed towards you.
You have every right to live harassment free so do something about this. Go to the student counselor or the head person in charge and tell them you are being verbally abused and it needs to stop. Colleges and schools pay close attention to these types of problems because with all the hazing and suicide attempts going on now with your youth this can be a preventable problem. Tell them to change her or place you in a different dorm.
Don’t feel bad, you need to take action. I am sending you some curvy diva hugs and please let me know how you progress with this, you are not alone.

Curvaceously yours,

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