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Are You Taking Advantage of Your BFF??


Are You Taking Advantage of Your BFF??

BBF- Best Friends Forever

We all have that one dear friend that is with us always through thick and thin. We may even have more than one and this is truly a blessing. The friend you call when your heart is broken and will listen to you with her undivided attention. The same one that will pick you up drunk as you are from that crazy bar she told you not to attend but you keep going to.

Out of all the millions of people in this world you both found each other and have an unbreakable bond, that will stand the test of time. Good times are finally here and you know time flies when you are having fun.

During all this fun and cherished memories we can start to get too comfortable. The lazy in us starts to come out more and more. You find yourself not doing your errands or chores and start asking her to do them for you. And if you happen to work with her and you aren’t doing your share of the work productivity and it’s all landing on her lap then shame on you.

Have you stopped and thought for one minute when was the last time you did something for her? Are you telling her ‘Thank You’ when she does these things for you?? You may be forgetting to show your appreciation and assuming she just ‘knows’ you are grateful. That is unacceptable.

You must take the time to express your love for her and the value she has in your life. I know you’re busy with work, dating your sexy man and also sharing yourself with your family and other friends but you know that ‘No’ one can take her place in your life. Plan ahead.

Make the time for her. Grab your monthly planner and dedicate a day for her during the week. If you cannot meet up with her for some girl talk and juicy gossip and let’s not forget the latest fashion trend, set up a phone date. Talking on the phone is just as fun. As teenagers we lived through phone why should we stop now. Shoot, I don’t care if you guys text for hours on the phone. Just have that open communication, don’t let her think for one second you don’t love her or worse that you don‘t need her!!

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