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Hosting A Halloween Block Party

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Hosting A Halloween Block Party

Autumn is the start of the holiday season and parties abound! Why not start it off with your own Halloween party? It could be a pumpkin carving party for Halloween, a party to usher in the month of October, a horror film viewing party, a child’s Halloween party or one for adults only.

Have a Halloween block party on the big night! There are so many opportunities to have fun at this time of year, why stop with one party?

Make the most of October and have a great time! Start some Halloween traditions with friends and family!

Hosting A Halloween Block Party

Depending on the area you live in a Halloween block party will give you a chance to get closer to or meet your neighbors in a festive setting. In this busy world we live in, the feeling of community and neighborhood friendship isn’t what it was 20 years ago. This is a great way to get back that feeling of being a part of a close knit community.

To pull off a successful Halloween block party you need to do some advance planning. A couple of months ahead you should start thinking about dates, activities, and supplies. You should start enlisting the help of neighbors, give each one a particular thing to do. Plan food, organize games, check with your City Hall about permits, insurance and zoning. Organize a meeting with neighbors to find out how they can help, and what they can supply. You can plan on the block party to be held before Halloween or on Halloween night as an alternative to trick-or-treating.

The first obstacle you’ll have to get past is closing off your street. If you close the street, you may have to take out liability insurance and obtain the approval of affected neighbors if they choose not to be involved with the party. You may also be required to obtain traffic barricades from the city along with a permit. Check with your local police department for information on blocking off the two ends of the street in your neighborhood.

If there is a fee for the permit, you may want to set up food and drink booths and charge a low price to make back the money. If everyone involved chips in it will cut down on expenses.

You’ll want to plan games, a costume contest, food and drink booths and decorations. If all neighbors decide to decorate their own yards for Halloween, you can have a walk down each side of the street to view the yards and award the best Halloween decorations.

It may sound like a big undertaking but with the proper help from neighbors you can make a Halloween block party an annual tradition for your neighborhood that will last for years! It will also set a good example for your children, showing them that friendship and community are not a thing of the past.


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