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What Do You Mean Attractive, Beautiful, Actress or Model (No Fat Women Please)


What Do You Mean Attractive, Beautiful, Actress or Model (No Fat Women Please)

As a working plus size model and actress I do tend to go online and search for jobs that may be looking for a plus size model. There have been times when I see an ad searching for actress or model and they don’t put a definitive description and I will submit myself for that job.

For the most part if I did not fit the image they were searching for I will get a very nice polite email thanking me for my submission but I don’t have the look they are going for. I can respect that and I move on to the next project.

But what angers me beyond comprehension is those ads that you see from time to time in bold print ‘Looking for Beautiful, Attractive, models and actresses and then they have the nerve to put, no fat women or BBW’s. What gives them the right to say that bigger women are not Beautiful or Attractive? There is a way to word an ad that is looking for a fit or straight size model or actress. It can read something like, “Looking for a size 0 to 4 (or whatever size they would like to go to).” There is no reason to make such a big deal about the plus size model or actress.

I saw one of those ads and I had to do something. I submitted my headshot first. I have a small face and most people don’t realize I am plus until they see the whole picture, lol. I got an immediate response telling me that I was beautiful, had great skin, very expressive eyes and a fantastic smile. The client gave me his number and was going to set up a face-to-face interview.

I responded to him a second time, this time I included my newspaper clipping that reads ‘Big Girl’. I explained to him that as much as I would love to work with him on this project, I was too FAT and a BBW so I could not. I then added a link to my website so he can read more about a successful plus size woman in this industry. I was very professional at all times in my email because this is who I am. I wished him all the best with his project and coming agendas. I even reminded him that if he ever needed a plus size ‘Beautiful and Attractive girl’, that I was that girl.

He responded with an apology, and repeated again how beautiful I was. He also promised me to word his ads differently from now on. He emails me from time-to-time to say hi and I respond back. I know it’s a slow process but I was able to not change his vision of bigger size women or fat girls, but just to redirect him and show him that beauty comes in XL, 2X, etc…………………………….

I sign off for now, continue to fight for the values I believe in, for myself and for every woman, young or old that is not a size 4, never will be or cares to be one day.

Ladies do you have a modeling or acting rant you want to share with me and our Venus Divas? I invite you to join me on the baords where we can share and together we can make a difference.

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