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Plus Designer Spotlight: Cc.elaine Bride Chic


Plus Designer Spotlight: Cc.elaine Bride Chic

Each week interviews curvy fashion companies and designers. The goal is for you to get to know theses designers and companies as well as find out what inspires them to look their curvy best by adapting trends and timeless classics into their wardrobe. Today’s spotlight designer is Cc.elaine.

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Company Name – Cc.elaine Bride Chic


In Business Since1996

Sizes You Carry14-32 Plus and Custom Sizes

In your opinion, to be fashion forward this season, what are the one or two must-have trend pieces all women should have in their wardrobe?

Anything with fur accents – and for the bride-to-be, hair jewelry is all the rage.

What is one timeless piece all women must have in their wardrobe without fail?

Of course the little black dress without fail but also a pair of funky black leather boots – and for the bride-to-be, a good pair of spanx.

Are there really any fashion no-no’s?

The only fashion no no that I have is when we try to be or dress like someone else. The only true way to be fashionable is by being our genuine, unique selves and reflecting that in the clothes that we wear – and for the bride, wearing a dress that has too many things out (breasts out, back out, legs out etc…) I think its nice to show maybe one or two things at a time. Like just a low neckline, or just a low back out, or just a side front split, but never all three in the same dress.

What is your favorite piece of style advice and who did you learn it from?

No matter what you wear as long as you look clean and neat and throw in a great pair of shoes, you will always look polished and put together. This advice came from my father.

Tell us about an outfit that you own that makes you feel drop-dead-gorgeous.

When I wear my little black dress that stops about 6 inches above the knee with a pair of tights and long black leather boots.

Who inspires you?

I have many people in my life who inspire me , but if I had to choose just one it would be my mother. She is the perfect example of love-unconditionally which has taught me to accept people as they are. She is also a pretty sharp dresser at 72 years of age.

What’s your favorite quote or personal life philosophy?

My philosophy is “Life is so good – Dream Big!”

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