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Giving Something Back to our Elderly Folk….


Giving Something Back to our Elderly Folk….

Maturity comes to us at any age; it’s really based on the individual and the experiences they have been through. Let’s face it,  we all have a busy agenda; but that is no excuse for not volunteering our friendship and company to those that
are in need.

The elderly are being forgotten. Most of them don’t have family around them and those that do the families have chosen not to be a part of their everyday lives.  Our grandma’s and grandpa’s are for the most part ill and becoming forgetful and most are bored beyond their control. Let’s start doing something about this. Are you forgetting that one day that will be you, getting up their in age and perhaps finding yourself very lonely. A very scary thought if you ask me.

Spend a Saturday out of the month visiting a senior citizen home near your area.  There are many programs being held through our churches as well that bring aid to our older generation. Last but not least is the local hospitals. We have all been there sick, feeling terrible and wanting some companionship.

Things you can do and share with them

  • Reading- Bring a book or a copy of the newspaper. Most of them can’t read as well as they used to.
  • Give them a treat-It could be a small arrangement of flowers, sugar free candy or even a picture frame.

Bottom line, think quality instead of quantity. They want to smile again and perhaps talk about the good old days. You would be amazed at how much fun you can have with a spunky old but very brilliant new friend.

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