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Signs That Your Child Is A Bully?


Signs That Your Child Is A Bully?

Parents are often unaware that their child may be the bully at school.  Traditionally, bullies are either athletes or popular kids in school, so parents overlook the signs for various reasons.

Bullies use a number of tactics that can help parents suspect their behavior as well as throw them off.  They typically use manipulation techniques, often accompanied with aggression; however, they also tend to be very charismatic and savvy in social situations. As a result, most of the consistently controlling behaviors can be easily overlooked by adults since their child is popular, athletic, and outgoing.

It may be very difficult to face the possibility that your child is a bully but it is truly in his/her best interest for you, as his/her parent, to step up and put an end to it.

Additional warning signs that your child may be a bully include:

  • Positive views towards violence
  • Often aggressive towards adults – including teachers or parents
  • Marked need to control and dominate others and situations
  • Boy bullies tend to be physically stronger than their peers
  • Hot tempered, impulsive, easily frustrated
  • Often test limits or break rules
  • Good at talking their way out of difficult situations
  • Show little sympathy toward others who are bullied
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