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October 2010: Transforming Your Curves


October 2010: Transforming Your Curves

“Any revolution has to start with the transformation of the individual”

While searching for inspiration for this months’, Letter from the Editor, I came across the above quote. To be honest the quote that I’m making reference to was a portion of a much longer quote but something about the words Revolution, Transformation and Individual really caught my attention. As plus size women we are constantly evolving. We are not only embracing the pre-existing trends but we are trailblazing our own paths and making our own rules. We are creating our own Fashion Week’s, hosting our own Expo’s and producing our own Conventions. We as a community are transforming the minds of others as it relates to the plus size woman.

While it’s great to change the way others think of us, we must begin with self. This revolution that we’ve created, will not reach its potential if we do not look inward first.

From our cover model transforming her acting talents into a modeling career, Massiel Hernandez is taking one talent and channeling other forms of expression using the same principles. This month we catch up with Curvy Confidence Editor Limarie as she morphs into the plus model she was destined to be in her article, My Experience Shooting With Plus Model Magazine. This curvaceously talented writer takes the lessons she has learned along the way and gives knowledge to other aspiring models in her new column, Model Q & A Limarie.

Additional features this month will include:

and so much more!

In addition to showcasing up and coming models, fashion, beauty and relationship tips, believes in assisting you in transforming into the best person you can be. We aren’t doctors, nor do we have all of the answers but we are on a constant journey of transformation and we refuse to leave you behind. We are honored to have you on this curvy ride, while we continue to thrive.

Stephanie Penn-Danforth & The Team

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