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My Experience Shooting With Plus Model Magazine


My Experience Shooting With Plus Model Magazine

From the moment that I walked into the studio and met Editor of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline-Figueroa- Jones and her husband Luke Jones, I knew that my life as an aspiring model would never be the same.   I got to experience first-hand how great agency models shoot on a set by watching Wilhelmina plus model Maggie Brown who was also working that day and after watching her every graceful movement turn into an amazing shot, the butterflies in my stomach fluttered as the reality set in that I would be the next model to shoot.  My face was beat by Tara Taylor and my look was bold and edgy.  My wardrobe by Steffany Allen embraced all of my curves and accentuated areas of my body that had me looking and feeling fierce!  My naturally curly hair was teased to amazing heights and styled by Aliza Williams, a look that had us all singing “I’m Every Woman” and laughing.  The atmosphere was very fast paced and professional but everyone was down to earth and cool.  I got to briefly interview Maddy, Tara & Steffany while getting ready and one thing I got from them all is that they really LOVE their jobs!

I shot with fellow Venus Diva, runway diva and Fit model Asia Mone’t as well and learned a lot by watching her moves also. I felt blessed to see how working models work the camera and also to have received so much feedback from everyone from makeup, hair, clothes bras and especially posing.  Before this shoot I have tested many times with several photographers and had taken a small break from plus modeling to focus on what I wanted to do with my life – whether or not I really wanted to pursue this.  During those times when I wasn’t testing I still practiced in the mirror daily and studied poses in magazines and online.  The desire to pursue a career in plus modeling never really went away and when I finally decided that I would step out on faith and see where this takes me, I was contacted by PMM.

I have so much to learn and much to do to get to the place I want to be in plus modeling but after shooting with Plus Model Magazine, I will never be the same.  Truly it was a life changing experience for me because it fueled my desire to become a plus model even more and I learned a lot about myself in a good way both my strengths and weaknesses.  Many people think that modeling is easy and the only thing that is involved is looking pretty in front of a camera; this is a false perception.  Modeling is a form of art.  A good plus model has to know her body, what angles work for her to show off the garment and must be able to connect with the photographer and tune everything else out.  I am a work in progress but am pleased at how far I have come and look forward to what is ahead of me.  Check me and Asia Mone’t out in October issue of Plus Model Magazine.  It will be fierce!  Special thanks to Maddy and the entire staff.  God Bless!

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