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Once Upon A Child – Thrift vs Consignment


Once Upon A Child – Thrift vs Consignment

I used to be afraid of thrift stores. Before I found out that the quality often depends on the area that the thrift store is in, I was concerned about the quality of merchandise in thrift stores.  It’s very possible to find new items with tags in the thrift store as well.  I had an ex co-worker who thrift store shopping during every lunch break.  Eventually, she started picking up things for me and I started to go with her.  Thanks to her, I have a huge silk scarf collection which I only paid $0.25-1.25 each for.

I used to be afraid of consignment stores also. Ultimately, they are the same as thrift stores. It just depends on the area of town you’re in. In the town I currently live in there aren’t any thrift stores; all consignment stores. Knowing that many consignment stores are normally in the more ‘well off’ neighborhoods, the prices scared me. Especially when you see shows on TV where they put together an outfit from a consignment store and they make it sound so good that they put together a $1,000 outfit for only $200. Living paycheck to paycheck that $200 outfit was a lot for me to swallow when I could go to a thrift store and make a complete outfit for $20. But would it be as trendy or high quality? Depends.

Just out for a drive with the baby I stumbled upon the store, Once Upon A Child. I fell in love and it totally made me no longer fearful of consignment stores.   Just like a thrift store, some of the items are gently used and some maybe brand new. I’ve gotten several outfits for a total of $20. I got some things for $3.50, I even got a few at 50% of $4.50 (clearance items). Being in the store and paying what I paid I hated thinking about the hundreds we spent on Jade’s clothes from Babies R Us and Baby Depot. At least as she outgrows these things I can sell them back to Once Upon A Child. I also loved the fact that the store was very clean and well organized. It didn’t take me a long time to find my daughter’s size, it took me a long time to decide on what items I would keep out of the 20 on my arm.

Children are expensive so I’ve become a coupon clipping, consignment store shopping, swap-insta mom. Happy savings!

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