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Dealing with Rejection


Dealing with Rejection

It’s amazing how recently I’ve met people within the fashion industry that take a look at my modeling website and they love what I’ve done and they feel like I’ve done so much. I’m not going to dispute that, but until I reach my goal I’ll always think of it as small potatoes. That’s not to diminish the great people I’ve worked with or the opportunities I’ve had, it’s just that I’m not done yet. But no matter how much I’ve done, I still have to apply or audition for the things I would like to be a part of.

Most recently I met a casting director for an agency here in Charlotte, NC. He gave me his card and I sent him an email with my head-shot and of course in my signature is my website. He forwarded it to new talent (when actually I thought he’d be able to help me) and I got word back from him at the end of last week saying they couldn’t represent me. Which is quite interesting because they do modeling and acting and I never read lines for them.

At this point I’m thinking, ” is there something going on that I’m not aware of?”   I have one group who has yet to give me any information, I have one editor that for some reason can’t return an email or tweet, and now an agent saying they can’t represent me. But then I’m reminded, this industry can be catty regardless of if you’ve said or done anything. I admit, I am opinionated, which I’m entitled to have. However, when it comes to the plus community and industry I don’t bash anyone. If you want to do eye candy, knock yourself out, I just know that to reach where I’m headed I’m doing commercial shoot.

So what’s a girl to do? Know that you’re qualified and capable and see it as their loss. Rejection happens to us all. You get many no’s before that 1 huge Yes! While on your way up continue to support others and kill with kindness. For me, in the end I’m laughing because they don’t know what I’ve got going on behind closed doors. I’m a multi-tasker, so I’m always working on more than one project, so when one falls through I still have something else going on.

So smile! That no just made you available to say yes to that next opportunity.

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