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Open Letter to Sara Rue


Open Letter to Sara Rue

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is something that is very hard to do. The journey to reach your health and fitness goal can be an emotional one and the decision to embark on the journey should be something that we all should support.

Jenny Craig has made an empire on hiring celebrities and showing the transformation from fat to thin when following their regimen. The latest celebrity is Sara Rue who lost an incredible 50 lbs using the Jenny Craig system. Her journey was chronicled through various video blogs and commercials.

In watching her emotional testimony, I was deeply touched by how candid she was. What also struck me deeply was when she said (paraphrasing) she was not comfortable in her own skin and didn’t want to leave the house. She said feeling this way was “not normal”. She went on to say in another interview that she wanted to roll out of the bed, throw on a pair of jeans and T-Shirt like everyone else and go into an audition and not worry about getting the role.

To the beautiful Sara Rue: You were beautiful before you lost the weight. You had your own TV show on ABC because of your talent. Your feelings are not uncommon, many women struggle with self-love and don’t want to be seen because they don’t live up to society’s standards.  No one should ever make you feel that you are not worthy of all the good things that life has in store for you or that you are hindered by your weight to achieve whatever goals you have. I know that you are in the Hollywood Bubble where everyone is a size 2 and you work based on that standard. Perhaps you suffered from discrimination in landing generic roles that were not centered on your weight because you were seen as Less Than Perfect. I can’t begin to know how it would feel to have the community that you work in collectively dismiss you for your appearance, that had to be horrible.

But after the weight is gone you are still left with you, covered in the same skin that draped your curves before the weight loss. If you never address the reasoning behind why you struggled with issues of self-love, you will remain in the cycle of fad dieting and programmed, temporary weight loss.

Now I am not saying that this is easy to come to, self-love is a process that can take a while to come to. You have to begin by loving who you are in the moment, no matter the size. Always taking into account that no one is perfect, not everyone has your talent and not everyone can be a sustainable size 2.

You said that Jenny Craig helped you in all facets of your life in helping to create a healthier lifestyle. That is wonderful that you have such support! Several who have lost weight dramatically still see themselves as the big girl when the look in the mirror and the cycle continues to wreck havoc on their mind and spirit.

I know that it may be hard to read critiques of your personal struggle. I feel that through your candor you were trying to inspire others. I know that you have accomplished that. I hope that you realize that you were an inspiration before the weight loss too.

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