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Is It Wrong To Get Engaged Before Your Divorce Is Final?


Is It Wrong To Get Engaged Before Your Divorce Is Final?

Showing interest in someone else while you’re separated is one thing but proposing is a completely different conversation.  If Fantasia’s recent love triangle has taught us anything it’s that old business or relationships may be over in your head but if the proper paperwork has not been filed, then you may have lawsuits on your hands.

A friend of mine recently met the love of their life and despite still being married (but separated) he is ready to marry her. I’m happy when my friends find someone who makes them happy but I’m on the fence with his decision to propose before his divorce is final.

Whether you’re already married, separated or divorced, you can propose at any time because there are no rules dictating the conditions of your engagement. You can propose to a rock, if this is what rocks your boat. It’s not against the law to propose to anyone or anything but I can definitely understand why people may object to this decision.

Even if you feel it is wrong to start a new chapter in your life before the previous chapter is finished, the high divorce rates in this country indicate that times have changed.

What do you think?

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