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Walking Curves™: A Plus Size Fitness Movement!


Walking Curves™: A Plus Size Fitness Movement!

What started out as just a support group to train for a marathon has turned into that and so much more.  When the Walking Curves concept was announced during an episode of Life Size Radio, I knew it was something special.  Months later, Walking Curves™ is gaining momentum as well as appearing on morning talk shows.  The message of Walking Curves ™ is something that all women, regardless of size should get behind and embrace.

Walking Curves™ Founder Joy Tribble shares the vision, mission and the key elements that make Walking Curves ™so special.

What is Walking Curves™? :

Walking Curves™ is a plus size women’s group dedicated to the health, wellness, fitness and fun of plus size women. Our goal is to create a safe place for plus size women’s concerns and to join women together that share the same goals, triumphs and struggles, when it come to sticking with a fitness regimen. It’s always easier to tackle goal, when you have other people around encouraging your success.

Why do feel there is a need for Walking Curves™? :

The plus size movement is gaining momentum in the mainstream media. We’ve seen an increase in plus size modeling, plus size designers, and plus size boutiques, but nobody seems to be having the conversation about plus size health and fitness. We have to begin to address our health on a more consistent basis.  There are many misconceptions regarding working out and fitness. For example, women not wanting to lift weights, out of fear of becoming to bulky and looking “unfeminine.” Walking Curves™ will help plus size women learn the importance of all aspects of fitness and health, and help them to begin to implement healthier practices.

What are your goals of Walking Curves™? :

The goal of Walking Curves™ is to encourage women to become more proactive about certain fitness and health goals, whatever they may be. Lowering blood pressure, combating diabetes, or losing a dress size, could be a few of the goals, some of the members of the organization could have. We want to be able to encourage that. Being skinny is not the goal, being health is. Another goal of Walking Curves™ is to build community, be an advocate and to be supportive. Jumpstarting or restarting a fitness regimen is a difficult task for most people, and when you have someone you can depend on or to share struggles with it, that’s half the battle.

Is it just for women? :

Walking Curves™ is currently and organization for women only. The focus is here currently, because women tend to be the ones to grocery shop, influence their children on how and what to eat, and typically are the ones who cook the food in the house. If we can encourage the women of the household first, then small changes can begin to be implemented and help shift the focus with better eating and health decisions amongst the family.

What is the future for Walking Curves™? :

As the organization continues to grow and more people take an interest in it, we will begin to offer Walking Curves™ Chapters in select cities throughout the country. We currently have 3 cities that are interested in starting chapters. We plan to add other activities such as, hiking, biking, rock climbing, increase our 5k’s to 10k’s, half marathons, and maybe one day do the full 26.2 miles of a full marathon. We’re also adding an extension to the organization called Dancing Curves™. This will be a weekly or a monthly dancing fitness class, helping us burn calories, keeping us sexy, and have fun in the process.

We want this to become a movement of growth, sisterhood, wholeness, and most of all….FUN! Fitness can be fun, and we’re determined to make it happen!

Walking Curves™…This is our Movement!

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