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Does Breastfeeding Really Help You Lose Weight Faster?


Does Breastfeeding Really Help You Lose Weight Faster?

A little over 3 months ago I had my baby girl. Within the 1st month I dropped 20 lbs of the 60lbs I gained. Now it seems like these last 40 lbs are going to be the hardest.

Exercise wasn’t an option at first because I was recovering from a C-section and then I had to have gall bladder surgery. Now it’s a matter of having the energy to do something like exercise that is supposed to give you energy. Between the 2 am feedings and pumping almost every 2 hrs, on top of working it’s a big much for now.

But I have faith. And I’m encouraging anyone else out there to give yourself time. It took 10 months to put on the weight, so don’t expect it to take less than that to get it off. I thought that since I am breastfeeding it would come off faster. But as the weeks rolled on and the pounds didn’t come off, it made me question “faster than what?” So I asked a close friend of mine about her experience. She breastfed til the baby was 2 and it still took her a year for it to all come off. She’s a thin woman who gained 70lbs with her pregnancy. So finally, I had a picture and some hope.

The fact that breast feeding is supposed to make you burn more calories  has not worked in my favor.  In fact between the 2 or 3 am feedings I get a hunger urge. Luckily, I eat rice cakes or something else healthy. Either way by changing my diet and getting the energy to implement some form of exercise, I still try to remember 10 on, 12 off!

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