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Unemployment Benefits Extended: What You Need To Know

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Unemployment Benefits Extended: What You Need To Know

Last Thursday President Obama signed into law House Resolution 4213, which extends the emergency unemployment compensation, or EUC, program and full federal funding of state extended benefits through Nov. 27, 2010.  We’ve highlighted some key points and things you need to know regarding this extension.

  • Because the law is retroactive, eligible claimants now may be paid for weeks of unemployment after the previous law expired on June 5.
  • Claims will be processed immediately for those who continued to file EUC bi-weekly claim for weeks after June 5, and those claimants should receive payment within two weeks.
  • Eligible individuals who did not file EUC claims after June 5 are encouraged to do so immediately online at
  • Claims also may be filed through the PA Teleclaims, or PAT, system at 1-888-255-4728. All eligible claims will be processed and paid as quickly as possible.
  • Individuals who have exhausted their initial 26 weeks of UC benefits and have not yet established an EUC claim may experience some additional delays in receiving payment.
  • Those who stopped filing paper claims for state extended benefits, or EB, after June 5 should call the UC service center for instructions on how to resume filing.
  • The $25 weekly Federal Additional Compensation, or FAC, payment has not been reauthorized and will not be available to individuals who established a claim after June 5.  Individuals who established claims before June 5 will continue to receive the FAC payment on their current benefits program — UC, EUC or EB — until Dec. 11, 2010.
  • Under the current legislation, the last payable week of EUC is the week ending April 30, 2011.

More information about unemployment compensation programs is online at

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