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Your Guide To Planning A Girlfriend Getaway


Your Guide To Planning A Girlfriend Getaway


You should! It’s Summer and the perfect time to plan a getaway with your favorite female friends. As a Cruise Specialist and Independent Franchise Owner of CruiseOne, Renee Gerber can give you some pointers for planning a girlfriend getaway to be remembered for a lifetime.

Do you need to get away? Are you looking to enjoy some quality time with your best girlfriends? You are not alone. It seems that life is busier and more hectic for women everywhere. Does this sound familiar? Each day, you go to work, take care of your family, check on your extended family, and take your kids to sports, ballet or any number of activities they may be involved in. What about you? Have you taken care of you lately? Probably not! This is the main reason why so many women want have a girlfriends’ getaway. So, you have decided to go away, what now? How do you start planning for this great adventure?

Follow these simple guidelines and you will be on your way sooner than you think:

  • Get together as a group and determine who is interested in going.
  • Gather ideas on where everyone wants to go and what time of year.
  • What does everyone want to do while away?
    • Enjoy beach time
    • Lots of activity choices and levels
  • Once you have an idea of what everyone wants from their getaway, look at destinations that offer something for everyone.
  • Determine a budget that everyone can afford.
  • Consider the climate both at home and in your selected destination during the time of year you want to go.
  • Are passports required? If so, allow enough time to get them processed if you need a new one. For more information on passports, visit
  • Create an ideal itinerary and allow for some flexibility in the schedule.
  • Contact your travel consultant or cruise specialists to assist with finding the best deals and discounts for group bookings.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when planning your girlfriend getaway.  The key to remember is to start planning in advance and follow the guidelines above.  You can make the planning as much fun as the actual getaway!

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