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Summer Tips For A Newborn Baby


Summer Tips For A Newborn Baby

Although being pregnant during the summer is not ideal for anyone, having a newborn baby during the warmer months has its benefits.  As my sister in law gets ready to have her baby anyday now, here are tips for mothers with summer newborns.

Newborns Love the Outdoors

Giving birth to a baby in the summer means that you can utilize the beautiful summer weather. The air and atmosphere change once you step foot outside. Babies love this change. It soothes them. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to calm a crying or colicky newborn is to take them outdoors. My first child was colicky and it was the ONLY way we could stop her cries. If you make sure you have a nice porch swing or glider, your time outdoors will not only be soothing for your newborn, but also for you.

Don’t Let a Newborn Overheat

Babies, and small children in general cannot release body heat as well as adults. This is because adults have more surface area to sweat the heat away from their bodies. For this reason, try to always keep your newborn inside on the terribly hot days. If you are uncomfortable, your baby is definitely uncomfortable.

Protect Your Newborn From the Sun

The skin on your newborn’s body is virtually perfect. It is unharmed and undamaged by years of sun and age. Preserve this beautiful skin for your baby. Make sure you only go outside in the morning or evening. Try to avoid the mid-afternoon time. This is when the sun is the most dangerous. If you are outside, make sure your newborn is in the shade, or has a large hat. At such a young age, most pediatricians do not recommend sunscreen.

Properly Dressing Your Newborn

Generally speaking, if you feel comfortable in a tee-shirt and shorts with no socks, your newborn will too. Do not judge your newborn’s body temperature by the temperature of his/her feet. At such a young age, newborns cannot properly regulate body temperature as well to extremities. This means that the feet may appear to be cold to you, but they actually feel quite comfortable to the baby. Instead, feel the neck or chest of your newborn to judge body temperature.

Once your pregnancy is over, enjoy the summer weather with your newborn. Having a baby doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors all the time. Newborns love being outside just as much as adults.

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