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Don’t Quit Your Job to Grow Your Side Business

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Don’t Quit Your Job to Grow Your Side Business

If you’re dreaming of the day that you will quit your job so that you can focus 100% on your business but don’t feel quite prepared then there is an alternative. Sometimes what you really need is a flexible schedule and just enough money to cover your bills. That might actually come in the form of finding another job.

I know you’re probably thinking that it’s going to take even more time and energy for you to find another job or that things are tough in this economy. Well, there’s a reason why I wrote those 5 hard truths just for you. The answer isn’t always to save 6 months of salary before you quit. It’s not always quit your job without any savings and dig into deep survival mode either. Sometimes you have to be creative and try somthing different. 

Let’s take a look at a person I know who changed her job in order to grow her business…

My former co-worker Artemis and I worked as Consultants for the billion dollar company The Carlyle Group. Artemis is a super fit gal and was testing for her brown belt in martial arts at the time. She shared with me her goals to own her business and be a personal trainer. To make it happen, here are the changes she made:

  1. She worked on her certification/education after hours while working full-time as a Consultant
  2. She downsized her apartment and got a roommate to reduce expenses
  3. She got a job as a fitness instructor for a popular gym
  4. By being surrounded by her target market, she marketed herself and got clients
  5. She left the Consultant Industry and is now here looking fierce as ever

I can guarantee you that her new job as a fitness instructor was just a fraction of what we were paid as Consultants. However, she took the necessary steps so that money was no longer the issue and shifted her focus and time to growing her business.

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