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Tips For A Relaxed First Vacation As A Couple


Tips For A Relaxed First Vacation As A Couple

Let’s Get Away!

Going on a first vacation can be as stressful as moving into a new house or even having a baby. Both of you will have high expectations as well as doubts about whether you made the right decision by going on vacation together. In addition, once you reach your destination there will just be the two of you. So the vacation could be the best thing that ever happened to you or a total disaster.

A vacation puts you under the microscope and your planning skills will be under the scanner. You will get to know what kinds of activities interest your partner and how you work as a couple.

You may want to go sightseeing, wining and dining while your partner may hate crowds while on holiday. You may love sunbathing while your partner may hate getting a tan. On the brighter side, you may find that you and your partner bond even better than before.

Relationships often do not stand up to the pressures of a first vacation so make sure you plan your trip well, are ready to adjust and maintain your sense of humor. Once your vacation goes off successfully, it may signal the beginning of a more permanent relationship. If your vacation is a disaster you may want to rethink your relationship.

Here are some tips on how to plan your vacation better so that you are more relaxed and have a better chance of making the trip work for you.

  • A first vacation should ideally not be a very long trip. Usually a long weekend trip is the best option. Try and involve your partner in selecting the destination so that you can share in the planning. This will make the trip less of a stressful exercise.
  • Do not rush into planning on a first vacation. Take your time so that both of you can free up your schedules. Do not go for a vacation with very high expectations. This will ensure that you do not end up getting disappointed. Be flexible and open to suggestions from your partner. You may be used to doing things in a particular way but there may always be a better way of doing things.
  • Be prepared with travel arrangements and yet relaxed enough to enjoy the trip without fretting about the minor details.
  • Avoid planning a first vacation too soon after meeting your partner. This will make sure that you are comfortable with each other and want to give each other the kind of attention you deserve.
  • Make sure you pack your personal things well and do not blindly rely on your partner to take care of everything.
  • Keep the romance intact during the trip. Check that the hotel has a double bed and not twin beds. Pay special attention to your partner and try to reassure them if they have any worried or doubts.
  • Be ready to compromise. If your partner is feeling tired, do not insist on going out. If you have any allergies etc. let your partner know well in advance so that they are prepared.
  • Flirting with others is a complete no-no when you are on vacation together.
  • Finally, do not blame your partner if things go wrong, over which neither of you have any control.


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